There's a sliver of ice in his heart

Hello, my name is Joe. I love sipping some Earl Grey in the comfort of my own private library while a roaring fire burns in the flagstone fireplace as a light morning snow falls to the Earth.

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Started writing you a letter.

It began as a thought of something you said last time you were in town, and kind of evolved into a letter to you. It’s authored by me, so of course half doesn’t make any damn sense, half is me rambling on, and in between are snide comical statements that you would read with the precise inflection I wrote them with. Maybe I’ll send it. Maybe.

Officially not doing camp.

Thank the Lord! I can’t take a week off of work to volunteer at a camp. I’m saving and moving up in the world. For the first time in a long time, I can feel something finally within reach.

Me, circa sometime last fall. In the studio. Being a wizard of light and shadow.

Me, circa sometime last fall. In the studio. Being a wizard of light and shadow.

Lets run some errands. #selfie #me ## #face #letsgoonanadventure #shallwe?

Lets run some errands. #selfie #me ## #face #letsgoonanadventure #shallwe?


EVery single time I’ve walked out of the gym it’s been raining. The first couple times? Sure, dark clouds, ominous heat lightning, it was expected. But pouring down rain while sunlight and humidity are at full swing in the heat of the day? NOT COOL SUNSHINE STATE!

I swear the only redeeming factor of this state is the theme parks.

What is free time?

Between 34 hours a week at Starbucks, DJing on my days off, and socializing with friends, where does the time go? I want to read. I want to watch movies. I want to film my short, or organize a one act from it. I want to go on adventures and see strange sights. I want to fall in love all over again and write out the contents of my heart.

I want to live.


Hands are so black from drawing with charcoal while listening to music. It’s very cathartic.

Had lunch with a friend of mine today.

We originally met so he could repay me for the $195 cab fair I put on my credit card for Rob’s bachelor party, but then things got interesting. I showed him my screenplay, and we started talking about the future of his production company. By next spring we’ll be shooting a feature length film in Connecticut. I’ll be getting paid to do what I love, and I’ll get to go out of state for a season or two. I absolutely cannot wait.